Organising an event? Guarentee an experience your guests won't forget. 

Our Fotobox delivers instant take home prints to relive the memories!

How it works

Brand the Fotobox according to your wished

Let your guests take their picture using the buzzer

Create your own background, use our greenscreen software or use a digital overlay to brand the photos

Why Fotobox
  • Various sizes of photos

  • Link with photo website to create website traffic

  • Different backgrounds possible with the use of our greenscreen software

  • Option for permanent setting 

  • Digital Storage

  • Social Share

  • Database survey

Turn the Fotobox in a 'Fotohüsli'
  • Photostrips or full scale photos

  • Sharing and data collection options

  • Fully branded

  • Let your guests take their own pictures 

  • Great tool for festivals and outdoor events

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